Small Business Coaching

Greg approaches small business consulting similar to how he approaches wellness coaching.  Greg simply acts a listener, facilitator and small business guide in helping a business owner, CEO or Director to achieve their desired outcome.  Greg believes the business owner or assigned leader knows their business, as well as, if not better than anyone else. Greg taps into their knowledge of the business as well as the given industry. He listens to the client tell their story of where they are, where they have been and ultimately where they would like to go.  Greg helps the owner cast a vision for the business and then uses proven tools to work the vision into existence.

Greg has successfully developed, launched and led 4 business concepts into reality in his career. In addition, Greg has over 25 years applied experience in supervisory management and leadership. To add to his practical business experience, Greg completed an MBA through Northeastern State University.

small business coachingOn-site Wellness Coaching

Providing on-site wellness coaching may be one of the most rapidly growing trends in the wellness industry. A wellness coach functions as a listener, collaborator and client advocate. Initially the coach and client work together to create a wellness vision, as well as, to establish timely, realistic goals for the vision. In addition, the coach acts as an ongoing supporter to help ensure long-term success of the client’s wellness plan.